ADA Title III: Public Accommodations

Title III is intended to provide people with disabilities the "full and equal enjoyment of …any place of public accommodation." A "public accommodation" is broadly very defined, and includes places of lodging, entertainment, recreation, business, public gathering, service provision, transportation, and education. Title III contains both general and specific categories of prohibited discrimination. Among the general categories are:

  • Denial of the opportunity to participate in or benefit from the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations furnished by a covered entity
  • Affording people with disabilities an opportunity that is not equal to that afforded to citizens without a disability
  • Providing an opportunity that is less effective than that provided to other citizens
  • Providing an opportunity that is different or separate, unless that is necessary to avoid a less effective opportunity

Title III also contains provisions governing the accessibility of privately operated transportation services. They parallel the provisions for public transit systems in Title II.


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