ADA Title II: Public Services

Title II of the ADA makes all activities of state and local agencies-not just those funded by the federal government-subject to the protections of the Act. Examples include:

  • Newly purchased buses, rail and other fixed route vehicles are required to be accessible
  • Communities that have fixed route transportation systems are required to also operate a paratransit system to serve people with disabilities who can't use the fixed route transportation
  • Communities that operate demand-responsive transit systems for the general public must ensure that newly purchased vehicles are accessible
  • Newly constructed or manufactured facilities used to provide public transportation systems must be accessible. In addition, if an existing facility undergoes alterations that affect its usability, then the pathways, bathrooms, drinking fountains, and telephones in the remodeled area must be made accessible
  • Deadlines are set for making stations in intercity rail systems accessible, as well as in rapid rail, commuter rail, and light rail


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