Technology Assistance Act

The Technology Assistance Act establishes several new, separate grant programs to facilitate the development and distribution of assistive technologies for use by persons with disabilities.

Title I of the Act authorizes project grants to assist states in developing and implementing "comprehensive state-wide programs of technology-related assistance." These grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

Title II of the Act authorizes nationwide grant programs and studies related to technological devices and services for people with disabilities. Funds can also be made available to stimulate improved access to technological devices and services. Funds are made available in three ways:

  • Contracts or cooperative agreements may be awarded to nonprofit or for-profit entities to address training needs of people with disabilities
  • Grants may be awarded to institutions of higher education to prepare personnel for careers relating to these technologies
  • Grants or contracts may be awarded to nonprofit or for-profit entities to carry out a variety of public awareness activities


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