Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act

The Vocational Education Act requires each participating state to:

  • Earmark a prescribed portion of its basic vocational education allotment for services to youth with disabilities
  • Use those set-aside funds to help the youth participate in regular vocational programs to the maximum extent possible
  • Establish vocational education plans and policies consistent with the state's education of the handicapped plan

The Act's funding formula is designed to target money to the school systems that serve the largest number of disadvantaged students and students with disabilities. Programs authorized under this act include:

  • Business-Labor-Education Partnership for Training Program. Provides resources for improving the quality of vocational programs.
  • Tech-Prep Education Programs. Two years of secondary school and two years of post-secondary school, with a course load in math, science, communications, and technologies. The program is designed to lead to an associate degree or certificate in a specific career field for people with disabilities or disadvantages.
  • Vocational Education Lighthouse Schools Grant. Awards funds to secondary and vocational schools to establish and operate high quality, model vocational programs.

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