Special Considerations Questions

Psychosocial Services

  • What types and how many hours of psychosocial services are available? (These should include peer support, individual and group psychotherapy, couples, vocational and substance abuse counseling)
  • Does the facility offer sexuality and fertility counseling?

Center Policies

  • Do facility policies encourage family members, including siblings regardless of age, to participate in rehabilitation programs?
  • Are there living arrangements for family members participating in training? What other services—parking, meals, etc.—are provided?
  • Are counseling and other social services available to family members?


Discharge Planning

  • Are SCI program participants given educational self-care manuals when discharged?
  • Will staff members develop a formal discharge plan with program participants and their families?
  • Does the facility and discharge planner work with local Independent Living Centers? Do they incorporate referrals to these centers into their discharge planning?
  • Is there an independent living unit available for program participants and families to practice self-care skills? Can family members stay there also?
  • If the facility does not have an independent living unit, do they encourage overnight therapeutic leave prior to discharge?
  • Will someone be assigned as a liaison to provide follow-up services?
  • Will a staff member visit or make arrangements for someone locally to evaluate the home for modifications?
  • Will the follow-up plan include:
    • Referral to an appropriate physician and other medical specialists in the community?
    • Regular follow-up visits with this physician or a spinal cord injury unit physician?
    • Regular urological evaluations?
    • Scheduled equipment evaluations?
    • If appropriate, a thorough vocational evaluation and referrals to a vocational rehabilitation program?
    • Referrals to other services and resources in the community, e.g., elder services?


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