Involvement Of Family And Friends

Active involvement of family members and friends throughout rehabilitation helps achieve maximum success.

  • How does your program involve family members and friends?
  • How are family members and friends involved in team meetings? How can we be assured of enough advance notice to participate?
  • How can I get copies of written reports regularly? Who is responsible for sending them?
  • If I cannot personally attend the meeting, how will the program schedule regular conference calls so I can speak with the team?
  • If I have a question about a particular area, such as physical therapy, what must I do to speak with that therapist directly?
  • What kind of family training, support groups, and therapy are offered? Is there a charge for participation?
  • If I live far away, what overnight arrangements are made for me to visit for a few days? What about similar visits from the person's friends?
  • What arrangements are made for staff to explain services and reports to me in non-technical terms?
  • What is your policy regarding visitors?
  • Explain the program policies that would affect friendships the person being served makes with other people in the program. What provisions are made for them to spend time together as they might choose?
  • What arrangements are made if we wish to have conjugal visits?


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