Discharge Planning

Planning for discharge begins at admission. Be clear about your intent to be involved in discharge decisions. It is imperative to understand what happens after discharge, what kinds of services might be needed, and their availability.

Get discharge planning commitments in writing. Though no one can tell you the particular level of recovery that will be achieved, they can commit to what they will do to achieve maximum recovery.

  • What are all the post-discharge options?
  • What is the role of the injured person and the family in discharge decisions?
  • Where do you think the person will go after discharge?
  • Who decides when the person is ready for discharge, and how? What would make the program extend or shorten the anticipated discharge date? If that happens, how much notice is given? What is the role of the person and their family in this decision?
  • What if a person decides to leave the program, with or without advance notice?
  • How does the program help research discharge options? Who does this?
  • What kinds of follow-up are provided to the injured person after discharge? To the family? Why is follow-up offered? How long does follow-up last, and what does it cost?
  • What is the average length of stay?
  • How do I get a complete set of records for my files upon discharge? If there is a charge for this, how much is it and who pays?
  • Where are people the program served in the past for brain injury?
  • What happens if the place the person is expected to go after discharge falls through?
  • What happens if the person has no discharge option except the family, and they are unable to provide the care or supervision needed, or are not a viable option for other reasons?
  • What does the program do to promote an opportunity for the person to live independently-i.e., locate affordable community housing with a package of supports (transportation, recreation, vocational, educational, and personal assistance) provided by a variety of state and community agencies?


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